Amanda’s countless career successes can be attributed to her inside understanding of Florida’s political processes, which is incomparable, and has given way to abundant victories in both policy and budget at the state level on behalf of the firm’s clients.  Her long-term and statewide relationships are leveraged every day to yield remarkable results for our clients.

As a long-time resident of Tampa Bay, Amanda’s impressive network of relationships with the legislature and executive branches are countless and understanding of Florida’s stakeholders is thorough. She is proficient in guiding legislation and amendments and directing communication to elected officials and staff. This is in addition to her mastery of the budget process and ability to guide funding projects, producing millions of dollars in funding for clients.

Amanda has an extensive, inside knowledge of the legislative process having served as the Chief of Staff to the Chair of the House K-12 Education Committee, former Representative John Legg, and as a legislative aide. She has directed policy, presented bills, led appropriations, guided communication, operated as an external liaison, and also served as staff with current legislators. Outside of the legislative process, Amanda has been an integral part of both local and state campaigns, consulting on grassroots advocacy and funding strategies.

Amanda was born in New Jersey, raised in Tampa Bay and is an alum of Florida State University. She is married to Abe and is the proud mother to their son Cole, age 7, and daughter Mila, age 1. As a committed Tampa Bay community member, she spends her time supporting children’s charities and enjoys cycling, reading and spending time with her family and friends.