Michael is widely considered to be one of Florida’s leading political experts and provides unparalleled access to senior leadership and decision makers within the legislative and executive branches of government. His deep, longstanding relationships illustrate his loyalty and dedication, and his over 25 years of experience ensures his ability to deliver results to clients.

Michael’s knowledge of Florida, its industries and stakeholders, along with his commitment, have propelled him to be one of Florida’s most respected and well-known lobbying executives. He has earned a reputation as one of Florida’s most prodigious fundraisers and has worked to elect local government officials, as well as Florida House and Senate members, and all the way to U.S. Congress and Senate members.

Prior to starting the firm, Michael worked for the Republican Party of Florida under the leadership of then-future House Speaker Daniel Webster. He has also served as the Southeastern Regional Political Director for the National Federation of Independent Business, and as a legislative and governmental affairs consultant for his friends at Metz, Hauser and Husband, P.A. His inside knowledge of the Florida political process and extensive experience advocating for business interests, have made him one of the state’s foremost authorities in the areas of message development, polling, media production and placement, and strategy.

Michael was raised in the Tampa area and still resides there with his wife, Jessica, and their four children, Sean Michael, Josephine Brooke, Ty Michael and Bobby Michael.